Friday, August 31, 2001

day 111, Hanover, NH

Start:  Happy Hill Shelter
End:  Hanover, NH
Miles:  5.3 today, 1724.6 total

East-bound on West Wheelock Street, crossing Ledyard Bridge.

Well that was a quick hike.  I noticed that I really do hike faster the less my pack weighs.  It's like I exert the same amount of effort, so with less drag I go further.  Something to look into.  I'll see what I can get rid of here in town.

So I'm "chillin'" at the hostel, talking to Silver Wings and Ronny whom (is that "who" or "whom"?) I met back at the Winturri Shelter.  Silver Wings was complementing me on how precise and well-done my bees nest signs were yesterday.  Lately the bees have been really bad, but because hikers are so friendly, you're often warned in advance by small signs left on the trail... by hikers.  So I discovered a nest yesterday in a log laying across the trail.  Like any other log, I stepped over it, thinking about something or daydreaming or whatever, and I got stung in the back of my leg.  I dropped my poles without thinking and ran (for some reason, when I get stung or I'm about to take a spill, I always drop my poles).  So then, after darting in to grab my poles, I left notes on the north and south sides of the nest warning my hiking brethren.  I put the notes on sticks which I stuck in the ground, so they were like mini-billboards.  Anyway, New Hampshire baby, yeah!

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