Monday, August 13, 2001

day 93, Mt. Algo Lt, CT

Start:  Telephone Pioneers Shelter
End:  Mt. Algo Lean-to
Miles:  21.4 today, 1447.1 total

An extremely frustrating day, especially right now.  I hike 21 miles, my feet are falling apart because my socks and boots are wet and they're rubbing the tops of my toes raw.  I've got some pretty bad chafing / crotch rot down there because I'm never dry because the humidity is like 300% and my sweat never evaporates, thus creating a big salty mess between my legs.  I pull into camp at dark (which is around 8:30pm now, not 9pm anymore) a little after 8:15pm, the shelter's full and there's half a dozen people tenting, as well.  So I setup my wet tent (it poured last night, that was AFTER I wrote my journal entry, thus no ranting yesterday) on my wet ground cover, on the wet ground.  The night wouldn't have been NEARLY as bad if the floor of my tent wasn't wet.  The mosquitos are bad, as usual, so I'm eating my dinner of peanut butter crackers, dried fruit, and gorp inside my tent.  No way I'm going to cook out there.

Anyway, I'll hope for better times tomorrow.  Hey, at least I'm in Connecticut!  One more state conquered.  And I found out that there IS still an outfitters in Kent.  The ME>GAs from RPH Shelter said it closed, but now I hear it's just moved.  And the shower is still at the old location.  That'll be a lifesaver!

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