Sunday, August 26, 2001

day 106, Peru Peak S, VT

Start:  VT 11 & 30 (Manchester Center)
End:  Peru Peak Shelter
Miles:  9.7 today, 1640.7 total

Again, slow getting out of town.  But really, it's no big deal.  The plan I made to Hanover puts me almost exactly where I was yesterday in terms of average miles per day.  And that's with a zero included.  Anyway, I'm not too worried about the schedule, bottom line.  My heels seemed to do ok, though it was like a half day today.  However, I think I've pulled a muscle or something on the front, bottom of my left shin.  This didn't actually occur today, it happened a few days ago.  It's painful enough to slow down my pace quite a bit.  I'll have to see how tomorrow goes... I might want to avoid rushing to catch up to my plan if it means getting the leg to heal faster.  Anyway, time will tell.

It's great being caught-up with my journal entries.  It's like I have to find something else to worry about... like reducing pack weight.  Thought about that a lot today.  The Kelty Flight pack is like $600, but it weighs less than 2 pounds apparently.  Man, I'd really like to try going ultra light, but it would require some big purchases along with possibly big changes in my hiking/camping style.

Oh, hey, I'm in my brand-spankin' new sleeping bag right now!  I can tell already that it's going to be REALLY warm.  Oh boy!  Mom made this liner for it out of a sheet for easier washing.  I'm excited about going to bed.  Nighty-night.

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