Friday, August 17, 2001

day 97, East Mountain c, MA

Start:  Sages Ravine Campsite
End:  East Mountain (campsite)
Miles:  18.8 today, 1506.5 total

This must've been just after I left camp that morning (vs. previous evening).

One interesting side-story throughout this hike involves the environmentalist fanatics Treebeard and Amaranth.  I have never actually met either of them, though I saw their pictures back at the Eckville Shelter in PA.  Treebeard is a bearded white male - the typical thru-hiker.  Amaranth is a white woman (not bearded, possibly from England).  Both look to be in their 30s or 40s.  They are known among, and often scorned by, various thru-hiker cliques because of their frequently inflammatory register entries.  Yahtzee first brought the two of them to my attention back in VA after he read one of their writings and proceeded to chew them out vocally and write a retaliatory response (though it's doubtful that Treebeard or Amaranth will ever read what he wrote).  Sometime in the past couple days I read an entry by Amaranth about how she wants to "avoid the insane, consumer-driven, car-needing, Type-A American lifestyle".  Both proclaim loudly that they are "vegan car-haters" and they have openly insulted those who aren't.  For the most part, I've sat on the sidelines watching, formulating opinions, questioning my reasonings, etc.  I've concluded that if I were to write any sort of response, it would probably be negative.  Anyway, a little bit of trail entertainment at the very least!

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