Friday, August 10, 2001

day 90, Graymoor Friary, NY

Start:  Bear Mountain (campsite)
End:  Graymoor Friary
Miles:  9 today, 1390.3 total

Took it nice 'n easy today.  Broke my awesome campsite around 9am, got up to the top and had a bagel & gatorade.  Moonshine and his buddy (whose name I forgot) caught up with me there.  And they had already hiked 8-9 miles!  Alone, that sort of time is impressive, but compared to the 0.1 miles I had walked it's downright illegal.  I left the summit around 10am.  Took about an hour break, 30-45 minutes of which involved a phone call home.  So that was 11-12.  Then I actually hiked some.  Went through a zoo.  Nothing really special there, except for the title of "Lowest Elevation on the AT".  Somewhere around 124' above sea level.  Crossed the Hudson on the Bear Mountain Bridge, a long highway suspension bridge.

I made it to the Friary a little after 4pm.  Took a refreshing cold shower.  The highlight of the evening was the pork, potatoes, peas, and yellow watermelon dinner the Friars gave us.  It was me and 3 women:  Tenderheart (a NOBO thru hiker), Midnight, and Swiss Dish (2 SOBO section-hiking hotties, college-age!).  After dinner, around 7:30, a male SOBO thru-hiker rolls in... and I forget his name.  Oh well, not like I'll see him again anyway.  Real miles tomorrow!

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