Monday, August 27, 2001

day 107, Minerva Hinchey S, VT

Start:  Peru Peak Shelter
End:  Minerva Hinchey Shelter
Miles:  19.4 today, 1660.1 total

I was really worried that the muscle in my leg would get worse today, so I took it slow at first.  Now that I'm here at the shelter, it feels pretty good.  Hopefully sleep will heal it some more for tomorrow's 21 miles.  And so far the raw heels haven't been a problem.  I think the extra liners are the answer.  It's basically like having a layer of moleskin (that doesn't slip!) covering your whole foot.  I may have discovered something profound: buy your boots half a size too big and layer up the socks, and that may just eliminate blistering.  Then again, I might just be a fool.

Saw a couple of Laura's register entries.  Looks like I'm about 7.5 days behind her.  I hope I don't catch her too soon, I'd like to do the Wilderness with her, but our schedules might not work out.

Caught back up with Freeman tonight.  He took it pretty easy today.  He's going to have some breakfast at the Whistle-stop Cafe tomorrow, a really tempting idea.  But a 21-mile day can't afford a stop like that.  I considered slowing down, cutting back the mileage for all the days between here and Hanover.  I'll have to see what I feel like tomorrow.  I like making decent mileage, but I also like food.

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