Monday, August 20, 2001

day 100, Cheshire, MA (c)

Start:  Pittsfield Road (Cookie Lady)
End:  Cheshire, MA (campsite)
Miles:  18.9 today, 1559.6 total

What a day, what a day.  Take a look at that number... 100 days.  Well, it's just a number now that I'm looking at it.  Big deal.  Ok, moving on...

Lots of Trail Magic -type stuff today.  First, there was the Cookie Lady's place this morning.  Nothing really new there except that I got a late start (what else is new?).  Then, after about 3 miles of hiking, I come across a whole bunch of Poland Spring water left by Winthrop & Mortimer, two SOBO section hikers back in NJ/NY.  Though I never met them, I gladly partook of a liter of agua.  Then, when I got to Dalton, I was walking down the street, following the white blazes, when I happen to glance at this one house and notice that it's got a "Katahdin: 600 miles, Springer: more than that" -type of sign, and also a little sign pointing around the side of the house reading "Water".  Turns out this guy Tom lets people tent in his backyard, he does slackpacking occasionally, and makes ice cream sundaes for all the hikers that go by his place!  I was hanging around on his front porch, and then he pulls up in his car getting home from work.  So we talk and he makes me a sundae.  Good timing!  And finally, here in Cheshire, I'm tenting behind the Bait, Bike, and Blade Shop, but the older couple across the street just let me take a shower in their place!  I had some spaghetti delivered here for din-din.  Feelin' good.

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