Thursday, August 30, 2001

day 110, Happy Hill S, VT

Start:  Winturri Shelter
End:  Happy Hill Shelter
Miles:  20.5 today, 1719.3 total

I have now hiked over 1700 miles.  A moment of silence, please...

There were at least 5 people (including myself) who were trying to get here by tonight.  Panda made it here, but then hauled it to Hanover (that's a 26-ish mile day).  I'm here.  The rest... somewhere behind, guessing Thistle Hill Shelter.  So yeah, I'm alone here, but no big deal.  I mean, c'mon, Hanover tomorrow!  I'm considering taking a zero Saturday, as in stay two nights in town.  That would put me just a tad behind schedule, but with 440-ish miles left, I can afford to slide a little bit.

Rachel started classes on Monday.  It's pretty crazy how people grow up and do grown-up things.  She said that things were a little awkward when she first moved in last week, but once she met some people living near her, peace returned.  I remember that the first week or so was a pretty volatile experience, being surrounded by totally new people and adapting to an entirely different way of living.  You could kind of compare that to leaving work / school to come out and hike the trail, but the awkward adjustment period isn't as bad nor as long.  (That whole paragraph dealt with the subject of moving into college, by the way.  Just wanted to ensure proper communication.)

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