Thursday, August 2, 2001

day 82, DWG, PA (hostel)

Start:  Delaware Water Gap (hostel)
End:  Delaware Water Gap (hostel)
Miles:  0 today, 1273.7 total

Busy like a bee.  First things first, I had to get some real food in my belly, so I ate breakfast at the DWG Diner.  I get there and look around for a seat, when... who do I see?  Why, it's the Virginia G-man!  So I sit with him for a bit, order my meal, he finishes and heads out.  Turns out he came down the hill later than I did last night, but he didn't stay at the hostel, got a hotel room instead.  So that was a surprise.  Ate my meal, which was your average Denny's -style breakfast, paid, bought a bunch of post cards, and left.  At 10am, Peter and I went down to the Pack Shack to get a shuttle into Stroudsburg.  Now this shuttle driver is a lazy, poor excuse for a human.  It took forever for him to get ready to take us into town, and then, later I called for him to pick us up at the Stroudsburg library at 4pm, but we didn't get back to the hostel until 6pm.  And it's only 5 miles!  We could've walked faster.  But anyway, did laundry, wrote my post cards, ate at Subway, did the internet thing at the library.  When Peter and I finally got back, the church congregation was having a big pot-luck dinner, which they apparently have every Thursday for hikers!  So we got a big free dinner, and they left all the extra desserts for us to finish off!  Gnome and the crazy Neil Young guy were there, too.  All in all, good day.

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