Thursday, August 16, 2001

day 96, Sages Ravine C, CT

Start:  US 7 (Belter's Campsite)
End:  Sages Ravine Campsite
Miles:  17.7 today, 1487.7 total

The Kuhns were some really great people.  I got a picture of the 3 of them with their dog on their front lawn.  I had Jackie (Sassafras) write down address info so I can send them something after the hike.

Jackie and I did a 3-mile slack from where we got picked up last night to where the trail comes closest to her house.  That went pretty quickly.  Then I grabbed my pack and headed out for the day.

Nothing too crazy the rest of the day.  Pulled into Sages Ravine Campsite around 7:45pm, talked to the caretaker some.  Apparently, I'm not in Massachusetts just yet.  He said the signs marking the state line are just ahead.  The thing is, both my map and the Data Book say I've already crossed the line.  Oh well, either way I'm still on schedule and a few miles plus or minus doesn't mean squat, yo.

The caretakers around here get really big tents.  I'm talking 8-10 person capacity.  And they're setup permanently on wooden platforms.  The guy here is college-aged.  He goes to Columbia and studies history (I think).  Then, after he graduates, he's going straight into a Masters - PhD program.  He says it's all paid for through an insane amount of student loans.  He's actually a ridgerunner, says it's a lonely job.  I'll be in Mass. tomorrow, one way or another!

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