Wednesday, August 22, 2001

day 102, Congdon S, VT

Start:  Wilbur Clearing Lean-to
End:  Congdon Shelter
Miles:  17.1 today, 1587.7 total

Vermont!  Hello Green Mountains!  Hello Long Trail!  It's the final 3 states and the action is heating up.  The scenery is beautiful, like the Smokies, only better.  And it's REALLY green, like solid green everywhere.  There's lots of underbrush, too.

Met a couple just starting their thru-hike of the Long Trail.  They were approaching it via the AT through North Adams.  Also met a couple more NOBOs (along with quite a few SOBOs): Touch of Time, and some other guy.  Touch of Time (which is a weird name, even for a trailname) is a GA>MEr, I think, and today he was slacking south.  The other guy just started today in Cheshire (he did 25 miles his first day!) and is headed to Katahdin.

A SOBO here at the shelter said a good thing to do would be to call The Barn in Gorham when I get to Pinkham Notch in the Whites.  Apparently they shuttle for free, so I'd leave the trail, stay the night in Gorham, then slack the 20ish miles from Pinkham Notch to Gorham and stay another night (possibly slack ahead in Maine?).  I'll think that one over.

Clear, cool night tonight, doesn't look like it'll rain.  Sleeping in the shelter with 5 other people.  I was alone last night, so I was hoping for some company tonight.  That new sleeping bag Mom & Dad bought sounds awesome.  Looks like I'll get it just when I'm starting to need it, too.

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