Tuesday, August 7, 2001

day 87, NY 17A c, NY

Start:  Vernon, NJ (hostel)
End:  NY 17A (campsite)
Miles:  15.3 today, 1353.2 total

Oh man, talk about screwing things up.  I was making some great time today, better than usual.  I had crossed into New York, started going over these large rock outcroppings.  After awhile, I stopped and took a break.  Eventually, Eggman catches up to me, we start talking.  He said he was headed to the Wildcat Shelter.  I told him that's where I was going, too, but I had to pick up a mail drop in Bellvale first.  He looks at his watch and says, "Hey man, it's 5:30.  The post office is closed."  I immediately let out a few expletives, not believing (did I spell that right?) how I could've forgotten such an obvious fact.  I mean, for some reason, I NEVER thought about it.  So then I had to sit and think some more.

So here's the new plan.  I hiked on, ran into a couple ME>GA maniacs who said there was NO water until the Wildcat Shelter.  I got to NY 17A, hitched a ride from a really nice guy into Bellvale, got a gallon of water, and got a ride back to the trail from the same guy.  That was pretty lucky.  Now I'm tenting close to the road.  I'll hitch in tomorrow morning to the P.O.  Saw another bear today.  Woohoo!

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