Saturday, August 18, 2001

day 98, Webster Rd c, MA

Start:  East Mountain (campsite)
End:  Webster Road (campsite)
Miles:  18.1 today, 1524.6 total

The past couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about the different gear that I'd use if I were to do this (or the PCT?) again.  The three big gear items are:  the pack itself, tent / tarp, sleeping bag.  And I'd probably change all 3.  As much as I've been against Go-Lite packs, I've gotta say, they're REALLY light.  Back at the Vernon hostel, one guy with the same pack as me said that it weighs 6-7 pounds on its own.  The Go-Lite weighs 11oz!  That's completely nuts.  For the tent, I might shrink down a size and go with the Sierra Designs Light Year CD.  I think it's about a pound less than the 2-man Clip Flashlight.  And for sleeping bags, the 20-degree 5-pound bag that I used until Harpers Ferry is just too darn heavy; a new bag, same degree rating, but in the 2-3 -pound range would be great.  And, as an afterthought, I'd also buy a pair of Leki trekking poles, and put rubber tips on them and remove the "mud catcher" basket.  Oh, and maybe wear some sunglasses, too, the keep the bugs out of my eyes.

Good hike today.  Good mileage, got into camp just before 7pm.  I'm "stealthing" with a 3-man group of section hikers tonight.  Cookie Lady tomorrow.

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