Thursday, August 9, 2001

day 89, Bear Mtn c, NY

Start:  Green Pond Mountain base (campsite)
End:  Bear Mountain (campsite)
Miles:  15.7 today, 1381.3 total

Change of plans.  Actually, I'm still sticking with the rest of my schedule to Kent, just pushing it back a day.  And here's some reasons why:  trying to stick to the old schedule might burn me out; I'd like to experience the Friary - dinner and all; the trail goes through a zoo, which closes at 5pm everyday - the old plan wouldn't get me there in time, and I'd have to skip a section of the trail and miss out on the fun animals; I'm hiking slower now.  Ok, and the reasons why I'm hiking slower:  heat, lack of water, heavy pack (recent maildrop), harder terrain, mentally discouraged.  The "mentally discouraged" part is really a combination of getting behind my schedule, fear that the terrain will only get harder and I'll only get slower, and then the heat, lack of water... etc.  So, a little bit of a negative trend there.  And now that I've spotted it, I'll seek ways in which to eliminate it.  Honestly, I'm not too worried, I've just got to reassess and adapt.

Awesome campsite tonight.  I really pushed to get up here, and I'm glad I did.  I've got my tent on some grass next to a big rock ledge.  It looks like the moon and Mars and a scaled-down replica of New Mexico all in one.  Really windy, I hope I don't fly away in my tent (ie: large kite).  Supposedly, I can see the NYC skyline.  The Palisades Parkway is below to the west.

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