Friday, August 3, 2001

day 83, DWG, PA (hostel)

Start:  Delaware Water Gap (hostel)
End:  Delaware Water Gap (hostel)
Miles:  0 today, 1273.7 total

Well, I wasn't planning on taking a zero today, but because I'm so slow and lazy, I did.  I originally wanted to do about 10 miles to the Mohican Outdoor Center, a place where I could take a shower and get a bunk for a pretty cheap price.  So now my plan is to do some horrendous (Is that how you spell that?  I don't think I've ever used "horrendous" in my writing before.  I get it from Dad, because that's a word he says a lot.) miles to the first shelter.  It's like 24.8 miles, so I'll have fun tomorrow.

The two major accomplishments for today, aside from getting fat on all the leftover desserts from that pot-luck dinner, were:  making my plan to Kent, and finishing that Chekov book that I've neglected since well before Damascus.  According to my plan, I'll be in Kent in 10 days!  That's gonna be amazing.  Kent is like a golden city of hope when you're walking through the PA pits of lava.  I imagined Connecticut as being a happy, cheery land of joy.  I mean, after all, David Letterman lives there (I think).  And now that I read "Peasants", I've finished the two short stories in the book ("The Black Monk" is the other one), so it's time for a new book.  I'm thinking I'll try to tackle "Lord Jim".  It's one of those classic books on that AP English list, and it's relatively small in physical size.  Talked with Peter a lot the past couple days.  He's a pretty cool guy.  He's also a grandfather at 40! (I think)

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