Thursday, August 23, 2001

day 103, Kid Gore S, VT

Start:  Congdon Shelter
End:  Kid Gore Shelter
Miles:  18.7 today, 1606.4 total

Broke 1600 miles... look, no blisters... yeah, right.  For some unknown reason, the backs of my feet, about an inch above the heel, are getting rubbed raw.  I experimented with tight / loose lacing and adding extra sock liners.  The extra liners combined with tight lacing seemed to lessen the pain, but not remove it completely.  That's a massive amount of sock liners, by the way:  3 on my left foot and two on my right, and then an actual sock on each.  Most people only wear 2 socks.  I wear 7.

Had another weird-guy experience (the first being the Neil Young look-alike in PA).  Some guy, who I think I've seen once recently before today, came through our camp this morning (the shelter is practically ON the trail), talked for a bit, and kept on walking.  Eventually I leave camp.  I get to the Melville Nauheim Shelter and decide to pull in to grab some water.  Well, the guy is there.  I say I'm going to get water and he comes with me.  No big deal.  We're talking some, can't find the water, and then he asks if I'd mind if he hike with me.  In my gut I'm screaming "NO!", but I don't want to be rude, so I say "sure".  So we hike together for about a mile, he's behind me.  I'm afraid he'll knife me from behind.  I lose him for a bit when I say I've got to make a pit-stop in the woods.  He's over at Caughnawaga Shelter now, which is about 0.1 miles from here.  Hope to lose him for good tomorrow.

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