Tuesday, August 28, 2001

day 108, Inn at Long Trail, VT

Start:  Minerva Hinchey Shelter
End:  US 4 (Inn at Long Trail)
Miles:  20.2 today, 1680.3 total

I am officially blue blazin' hiker trash.  I wasn't planning on blue blazing, but I took too long on top of Killington and I also underestimated the mileage to the Tucker-Johnson Shelter.  So when I found out how far I REALLY had to go, I couldn't decide what to do.  Trying to explain the whole thing would be too boring and complicated, so I'll just say that after intense internal deliberation, I decided to rebel.  The blue blaze I took was in fact the AT back in like 1998 or '99.  You could see the white underneath, creeping outside the blue blaze on top.  The AT was relocated apparently because of some land deal with a local ski resort (I'm guessing Killington).  When I went to sign the guestbook, I saw a lot of thru-hikers who had stayed here.  Skipper (Laura) stayed here 6 days ago, so I gained another day on her.  Man, I'm getting tired.

So I'm here at the Inn.  Freeman got a room for two nights, and he's letting me sleep in his own room on the floor for a mere $12.  Got a shower and a Reuben.  Hope I can make my goal for tomorrow.  Goodnight.

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