Saturday, August 11, 2001

day 91, RPH S, NY

Start:  Graymoor Friary
End:  RPH Shelter
Miles:  18.8 today, 1409.1 total

Good hike today.  Got off to a reasonable 8:20am start time.  Hiked a good full-day's hike, pulled into the shelter before 6pm!  That's what I'm talking about!  I've been getting so tired of ending my hikes near, or in, darkness.  Doing the camp business by the light of your headlamp every night gets old.  And you're always trying to keep quiet because everyone else is asleep.  So hopefully I've broken that slacker slump I was in.

Leap-frogged with Tenderheart some today.  She reminds me a lot of Michelle, the Garden Dept. Supervisor at Hechingers (the other one aside from me!) (post-hike note: I worked at a Hechingers hardware store back home during summer and winter breaks senior year in high school / freshman year in college.)  In the Graymoor register, she wrote about how the hiking's been so hard lately and how she got stung in the butt by a bee, and so she's thinking of quitting.  We never talked about it today.  At this point in a thru-hike, it's all mental.  You've passed the physical part of the test, just gotta keep your head in the GA>ME... heheh.

Tonight we've got Tenderheart and myself representing the GA>ME crew, Moonshine & Daydreamer (yeah, found out his name), Paul (a trail runner, not a ridge runner, the guy literally runs sections of the trail for fun), and the ME>GAs:  Strider (girl), and two other guys whose names I may never know.

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