Saturday, August 4, 2001

day 84, Brink Road S, NJ

Start:  Delaware Water Gap (hostel)
End:  Brink Road Shelter
Miles:  24.8 today, 1298.5 total

This is hilarious.  I leave the hostel pretty early, like 8ish, to do my insane 24.8-mile day.  I cross the Delaware River on the highway bridge.  Eventually, the trail leaves the highway and follows a less busy side road.  In the distance, I see some guy sitting next to the road leaning against the guard rail.  The guy's got his feet sprawled out about a foot into the road.  It's Peter, and he's extremely stoned.  I say "Hi.", and he slowly lifts his head up to look at me, his eyes all droopy, and then he realizes it's me and starts to smile and says "Hey man...".  I set down my pack and go pee in the woods.  I come back and he's playing with one of my poles.  I'm like, "Well, I'm gonna go about 25 miles up to the first shelter."  And he's like, "Yeah, me too.  I'll catch you in about 4 hours."  He'll be lucky if he can get up in 4 hours.  So I left him there and didn't see him the rest of the day.  I hope he didn't get arrested or run over or something.  Peter was a cool guy.  For the couple days that I've known him, we had some great times and good conversations.  I hope I see him further down the trail.

Saw 4 bears today!  One by himself, and then a mom and two cubs.  That's completely nuts!  Well, I'm in NJ, but the scenery isn't all that bad, actually.  Fell down right before the shelter.  That's the third time this trip.  Always happens when I slip going downhill.

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