Friday, August 24, 2001

day 104, Spruce Peak S, VT

Start:  Kid Gore Shelter
End:  Spruce Peak Shelter
Miles:  23.0 today, 1629.4 total

Did some unwanted leap-frogging with the weird guy this morning, but after he got ahead of me this one time, I didn't see him the rest of the day, and he's not here at the shelter.  Anyway, good riddance...

Yesterday, while hiking with weird guy, the Orkin Man came by, headed south.  Turns out he and Snack Attack had gotten so far behind that they started yellow blazing hardcore, about 580 miles-worth.  Well, for some reason, Orkin Man managed to rack up some serious debt, about 5000 pounds-worth, and is finally leaving the trail to handle reality.  So he was headed south to Bennington.  I caught up with Snack Attack later and we both stayed at Kid Gore.  Today she did some serious miles (26) to get into Manchester Center tonight.  She and the Orkin Man are getting a room tomorrow night for one last fling before he goes back to England or some other pound-using country in Europe.  I guess Snack Attack just needed to get off the trail a day early to recover.

Well, it's great that I was able to pull off a big 23-mile day, especially in VT, to help ensure that I get to the P.O. in time.  Just have to wake up and hike 2.7 miles to the road and then pray for a quick hitch.  I hope it all works out.

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