Sunday, August 19, 2001

day 99, Pittsfield Rd c, MA

Start:  Webster Road (campsite)
End:  Pittsfield Road (Cookie Lady)
Miles:  16.1 today, 1540.7 total

Yes friends, I'm staying at the Cookie Lady's blueberry farm.  Got my tent up in her front yard.  It's really a husband and wife living in a house with a black guy (who I'm guessing is either hired staff for the farm or maybe an adopted son?  I don't know).  Anyway, they're really nice folks.  She brought out a little basket with 3 cookies and 2 small packages of pitted prunes - gotta stay regular.  Their dog, Rufus, barked at me when I first walked up, but later was really friendly.  And they let me use their phone after I tried calling home twice only to have the connection get screwed up both times.  So a little bit of Trail Magic, you might say.

Well, because the miles were on the easy side, and the terrain wasn't so bad, I took advantage of the extra time and really wailed on those backed-up journal entries that I've been meaning to get to.  It's a new trip record: including this one, I wrote 5 journal entries today, as well as setup the little table of contents -type thing in the front.  (post-hike note:  All of my journal entries were hand-written with a black pen in 4 5/8" x 7" 48-page "Rite in the Rain" yellow notebooks.  I ended up filling 3 of those notebooks by the end of the trip.  I kept a "table of contents" in the front of each book, though in hindsight, not sure how much value it added.)  Really made some progress there.  So now I've only got 3 outstanding entries left to take care of.

Man, I can hear those mosquitos outside waiting to tear into my flesh.  They're insanely bad here in the Tea Party State.  Hope I don't have to pee tonight, they might bite my willy!

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