Sunday, August 12, 2001

day 92, Telephone Pioneers S, NY

Start:  RPH Shelter
End:  Telephone Pioneers Shelter
Miles:  16.6 today, 1425.7 total

Despite a slow start out of camp (9:30am), I managed to swing by the Mountain Top Deli for an hour or so, and pull into the shelter before 7pm.  Man, I am REALLY liking this tent!  A little interjection there.  It just keeps the bugs out so well.  I love that.  Anyway... 3 section / weekender types here.  They're hiking from Kent to Bear Mountain.  They all appear to be in their late twenties / early thirties.  Asked me a lot of questions about gear and thru-hiking in general; Tenderheart said she'd come at least this far, so she must've gone further ahead.  No water at this shelter, the stream is dry.  The Cooke's offer tap water about 0.7 miles north of here, so I'll take advantage of that tomorrow morning.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I'm going to do when I get off the trail, as far as work, exercise, socialization, goals, etc.  A couple ideas are:  train for and compete in a marathon; bike across the USA on the American Discovery Trail; play hockey again; start/join a band, record my own music; start a lifelong effort to read all the Classics (Odyssey, Wuthering Heights, etc); build a computer, circuits and all; pursue my cause & effect, teleportation ideas.  A lot of "extracurriculars" there to choose from.

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