Wednesday, August 15, 2001

day 95, US 7 (Belter's c), CT

Start:  Mt. Algo lean-to
End:  US 7 (Belter's campsite)
Miles:  22.9 today, 1470 total

Long day with some tough terrain.  Pulling 26 miles was a tough job.  I left camp a little after 7:30am, Sassafras left at around 6:45.  I caught up to her at the Silver Hill Campsite around 1pm.  She had been chatting with a "family" that I met my first night at Mt. Algo.  I say "family" because it was a piece-meal assortment:  aunt and uncle from one branch, nephew from another, niece from another.  As in, 3 branches.  The uncle is in the PATC, and we talked about that a bit back at Mt. Algo.

So then I passed Sassafras there.  Got to Belter's Campsite just before 7pm, stopped and waited on her.  I didn't want to get to her house before she did, thought that would be a little awkward.  "Hi, you don't know me, but let me stay here anyway.  Got any ice cream?"  While I waited I got water and had a good chat with Tenderheart, who took a 3-mile yellow blaze earlier today.  We talked about the various pressures of finishing a thru-hike, but also how the end was in sight.

Sassafras got to Belter's around 8pm, we decided to get a ride, rather than walk the rest of the way in the dark.  Used my cell phone to call her parents.  They're in their 80s, really nice.  Got a shower, dinner, called home, and sleeping on a pull-out couch!

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