Saturday, September 1, 2001

day 112, Hanover, NH

Start:  Hanover, NH
End:  Hanover, NH
Miles:  0 today, 1724.6 total

Front porch of the Panarchy House.
Left to right: Jake (Wise Owl), me, Laura (Skipper)

The amazingly wacky thing that I didn't get to write yesterday was that Laura's here!  And she hiked SOUTH to get here.  I knew that she had been taking it slow, but c'mon!  Apparently she hiked north out of Hanover Thursday.  At some point she realized she left her Polar Pure here, so she hiked back yesterday.  Later she admitted that she was also thinking about hiking south with a SOBO named Riff Raff.  But then she decided to stay in town (probably to be with me cause I'm so cool).  So we hung out the latter half of yesterday and most of today.

We're all staying at the "Panarchy House", a coed fraternity house.  Hikers get the basement.  Not many Dartmouth students around because Dartmouth is on the trimester system.  Got a "White Blaze" at Ben & Jerry's.  Ate dinner last night with Panda at Everything But Anchovies and there again tonight with Laura.  A lot of hikers coming and going these couple days:  Ross (Phaedrus), Andrew (Endeavor), BO (SOBO), Snack Attack, Orkin Man, Six String, Leatherfeet, the Deputies, Numbfoot, Wise Owl (Jake)... probably more... Silver Wings, Ronny... ok, enuff for now.  Spent a lot of time at various computer terminals on campus.  Also read some of Ray Jardine's PCT book at the Co-op Outfitters.  It got me all excited about dropping pack weight and buying corn pasta.  Had a really long, good shoot-the-breeze session with Laura tonight.  Sounds like she's going to try to hike with me some.

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