Saturday, June 30, 2001

day 49, Bearwallow Gap, VA (WV)

Start:  Bearwallow Gap (Flattop, WV)
End:  Bearwallow Gap (Flattop, WV)
Miles:  0 today, 731 total

Pretty good day off today.  Went to the library, did the internet stuff, Mom & Dad washed my sleeping bag (not to mention chauffer [how do you spell that?] me around... thanks!), got my latest roll of pictures developed.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Ate a lot, of course.  Cereal, ice cream, bananas, etc.  And then I rode the jet ski.

Uncle John took us out on the boat.  That was actually pretty nice.  The sun was out, weather was good.  I was content.

Anyway, so that was all great.  Oh, I forgot.  We saw the fireworks at 9pm from the boat.  And that was good, too.

But, so yeah, I made an ambitious plan to get to Swift Run Gap in eight days of hiking.  That'll put me over my 15.5 average, but if I take a zero day I'll go back down to 15.3.  Still, a profitable plan.  It'll be great when I'm high enough over the average that a zero day will still keep me over the average.  It might be awhile until then, though, because Megan still wants to hike.  I'm thinking we'll do 4 or 5 days starting from Swift Run Gap.  It should be fun.  And going back to Sunchase will be awesome.

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