Tuesday, June 19, 2001

day 38, Jenny Knob S, VA

Start:  Jenkins Shelter
End:  Jenny Knob Shelter
Miles:  24.1 today, 587.6 total

Longest day yet with a pack.  That still doesn't break the 27-mile record, a slackpack record, but it's getting up there.  Really, slackpacking will always come out on top because if you can do 35 miles in one day WITH a pack, then you could've done more without a pack.  But anyway...

So I basically hiked ALL DAY.  I took a break at Helvey's Mill Shelter and then hiked the last ten miles in my underwear again.  It's really great hiking in your underwear.  I'm thinking I'll have Mom and Dad send my pair of Umbros down.  I need something that weighs less and isn't as constricting / restricting as my shorts / pants combo things.  The only downside is that there are no useful pockets on a pair of Umbros.  The shorts I've got now have all kinds of pockets.  Maybe the outfitter in Pearisburg could help (if there IS an outfitter there).  I also need a new filter for my Pur Hiker water filter.  It's getting really hard to pump the water.  As in, you have to push really hard to get the water you just sucked up to go through the filter.

Tomorrow it looks like Raver, myself, some section hiker name Jonathan, and possibly Big Toe & Q-tip could all be staying at the Woodshole Hostel at Sugar Run Gap.  So that should be fun.  I only have one dollar, but that shouldn't be a problem since it's free!

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