Saturday, June 23, 2001

day 42, Pearisburg, VA (HCH)

Start:  Pearisburg, VA (Snowshoe, WV)
End:  Pearisburg, VA (Holy Church Hostel)
Miles:  0 today, 617.4 total

I think when I'm finally done with the trail, I'll get used to home life pretty quickly.  I got used to the flushing toilets, water on tap, TV, ice-cream-eating lifestyle in the two zero days that I've had at Snowshoe.  We didn't do too much today.  Melissa and Kevin drove me down to her parents' house (Kevin drove, but w/ Melissa in the car it was a much saner ride).  I had been wanting to get on the internet to check email and update my Excel AT Mileage file.  I added a column that projects / predicts the date I'll finish based on the average daily mileage.  I'm currently a little behind schedule, averaging 14.7 miles/day, which, according to my Excel file, means I'll finish October 7.  I'm pretty confident that I can pull the average up to finish sometime between September 20 - 30.

I saw The Shining for the first time all the way through today.  It's Stanley Kubrick, so I was expecting a pretty weird, cool movie, and that's what it was.  Raver was making alcohol stoves out of Coke cans.

Melissa's parents drove us down to Pearisburg after they got off work at 4:30.  We got to the hostel ok, supposedly the weather will be clearing up, so that's good.  Surprisingly, Big Toe & Q-tip are still here.  They also took 2 zero days.

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