Monday, June 25, 2001

day 44, Laurel Creek S, VA

Start:  Pine Swamp Branch Shelter
End:  Laurel Creek Shelter
Miles:  18.5 today, 656.0 total

Well, it seems official now, my trail name has been found.  From now on I shall be referred to as "BVD".  Yep, the underwear.  That's all thanks to my non-pants experiments a few days ago.  There was one time when Big Toe and Q-tip caught me in my underwear.  So yesterday when the topic of my undecided trail name came up, Q-tip said, "I know, BVDs!"  And I didn't mind for some reason, so I accepted it, but made it singular rather than plural.  So I'm BVD.  Thinking about it now, part of me regrets taking the name because it's not necessarily the best name out there.  But then again, part of me says to give it time and the name will begin to fit in.

Nothing too exciting about today's hike.  Apparently there's a pretty sizeable group about half a day ahead of us.  See, we would already be a day ahead of them if we didn't have to take that extra zero day at Snowshoe.  Oh well.

There's a mouse running around the shelter now.  He keeps nibbling on an old Ziploc bag I used to hold some food.  I've been thinking about carrying mouse traps like D-Con, just to take care of the annoying ones.  Goodnight.

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