Thursday, June 28, 2001

day 47, Fullhardt Knob S, VA

Start:  Campbell Shelter
End:  Fullhardt Knob Shelter
Miles:  20.4 today, 714.3 total

Tinker Cliffs was (were?) great today.  Really nice views, just like McAfee Knob.  In fact, you could see McAfee Knob from the cliffs.  When I got there around 10 or 10:30am, Flying Bear, Chachi (Jonathan), and Spongebob were there hanging out, eating an early lunch, etc.  Chachi mentioned that the 3 of them were going to get a room at a motel at the Troutville I-81 interchange.  He also mentioned something about heading to Shoney's for the AYCE buffet.  He invited me to stay with them at the motel.  It would've been really cheap split 4 ways.  I told him I'd think it over.

Anyway, so I left them at the cliffs and hiked for a long while.  Once I stopped at Lamberts Meadow Shelter for a break and they all came in as I was leaving.  Eventually I got down to the interchange.  I took a long break at a nearby gas station.  I could see the trail from there, but I never saw the 3 amigos come out.  I called home a couple times to schedule when and where to pick me up tomorrow.  It'll be good to see the family again.

I finally left the gas station a little after 6pm.  I hiked about 5 miles to the Fullhardt Knob Shelter where Raver was by himself.  No water at the shelter so we have to conserve tonight.  Looking forward to a break from the trail tomorrow.

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