Thursday, June 14, 2001

day 33, Old Orchard S, VA

Start:  VA 600, Elk Garden
End:  Old Orchard Shelter
Miles:  15.2 today, 494.1 total

One last photo before leaving "The Place".
Left to right: Raver, Laura, Took, me

We got off to a really late start today.  That was ok for me, though, since I had some last-minute things to do in town.  I bought some insoles at Mt. Rogers Outfitters.  Apparently, no one actually uses the insoles that come with a new pair of boots.  Laura uses SuperFeet insoles and she hasn't had many problems.  I got some cheaper brand for under $20, and they look and feel a little better than the original ones in my boots.

My blister situation seems to be improving, as well.  The one that recently appeared under my left big toe has pretty much dried up.  And my left pinky toe seems to be doing well (knock on wood).  And also, my right heel may actually be progressing.  The blister seems to be drying up.

We saw some great scenery today.  I hiked with Raver to the shelter (we'll be hiking together for awhile).  We didn't go to the top of Mt. Rogers, though there's no view up there anyway.  We did see the wild ponies that they show in my thru-hiker video.  I took a bunch of pictures.  Many of them were pretty bold, some even aggressive.  They wanted food.

The trail went through a lot of wide open spaces, great views.  Plenty of really pretty spots to camp, but no water close by.  So we pressed on to the shelter, as originally planned.

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