Wednesday, June 13, 2001

day 32, Damascus, VA (The Place)

Start:  VA 600, Elk Garden
End:  Damascus, VA (The Place)
Miles:  23.8 today, 478.9 total

Today was a slackpack, so not as hard as usual.  7 of us piled into the Mt. Rogers Outfitters van at 8-ish am.  There was Snack Attack, the Orkin Man, Mars, Venus, Raver, myself, and someone named Tim.  Tim was just visiting from Europe, out for a few days.  He didn't get out at Elk Garden.  The rest of us did.

Not much to report about the hike.  It was mostly gradual downhill.  For some reason, both Raver's and Snack Attack's water filters stopped working at the same time, same water source.  Raver eventually got his back into order.  I didn't bring mine to save weight.  We got back sometime before 7pm.

I bought pints of ice cream for Laura and myself.  I ended up eating about a third of hers, since she said she needed help.  We did some math and figured that a half gallon is 4 pints.  The famous half-gallon challenge is coming when we get into PA, and I need to be ready.  I decided to begin a rigorous training schedule.  I'll try to eat two pints in Pearisburg.  Maybe get 3 pints down before Harpers Ferry.  Then I'll leave the main course for that place near Harrisburg, PA.  The 1.33 pints I had today was pretty easy to down.  I have confidence.

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