Friday, June 22, 2001

day 41, Pearisburg, VA (WV)

Start:  Pearisburg, VA (Snowshoe, WV)
End:  Pearisburg, VA (Snowshoe, WV)
Miles:  0 today, 617.4 total

Today was my second zero day of the trip, but I know now that I'll have to take another one tomorrow.  We had planned to leave Snowshoe tonight, but some really bad storms came through and washed over sections of the road up the mountain.  Melissa (Kevin's girlfriend) didn't want to risk driving in the weather (and I don't blame her), so we'll push it back another day.

I just did miscellaneous things today.  Lounged around a lot, ate a lot of food in the apartment (I'm going to leave some money to compensate for my burden), bought a replacement filter for my Pur Hiker water filter, caught up on some journal writing, did laundry, etc.

Here at Snowshoe this weekend there's a huge mountain bike tournament going on.  It's the NORBA Nationals or something.  There's mountain bikers EVERYWHERE.  They use the ski slopes and lifts, just without the snow.  Apparently today there were a lot of time-trial -type runs, tomorrow begins the real stuff.  A few different events, we watched some slalom stuff.  It's like seeing the ESPN X-Games live.  Pretty neat experience.

Raver and I had pizza at Cheat Mountain Pizza.  It was pretty good, but nothing too special.  Well, tomorrow will be another lazy day.  Too bad we can't get back on the trail.

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