Monday, June 11, 2001

day 30, Damascus, VA (The Place)

Start:  Double Springs Shelter
End:  Damascus, VA  (The Place)
Miles:  19.2 today, 455.1 total

I came crashing down the hill into Damascus today.  Caught up with Snowmaker and his dog, Covu, at the Abingdon Shelter.  Talkradio was there, too.  My blisters were hard to ignore during the hike.

I got to Damascus around 3pm, so I was able to get my mail drop before the post office closed at 4:30pm.  Then I took a shower.  Raver, Gravytrain, Commodore, Big Toe, and I went to dinner.  Commodore ended up eating with an old buddy.  I got a pretty good size stromboli and a huge Mountain Dew.  After awhile Mission Man showed up and ordered his own meal.  Then, after all that, we ordered two pitchers of beer.  So, we were there for at least two hours, but it was nice to relax and shoot the breeze.  I was surprised Mission Man knew a lot about famous guitarists.  And both he and Big Toe really liked Dream Theater.  Raver and I got a pint of ice cream each to finish off the evening.  We tried to wash our clothes but the laundromat was closing.  Then I spent 20 minutes or so looking for a pay phone to call home.  Apparently only 2 of the 5 or 6 pay phones in town work.  Anyway, a good day.

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