Sunday, July 1, 2001

day 50, Cornelius Creek S, VA

Start:  Bearwallow Gap (Flattop, WV)
End:  Cornelius Creek Shelter
Miles:  15.1 today, 746.1 total

It was sad saying goodbye to the family today, but I had to get moving on.  I didn't actually start hiking until 1pm or so, and I had about 15 miles to go!  All the food I had, along with the break from hiking over the weekend must've done some good.  When I pulled into the shelter, I didn't feel too tired and my feet felt fine.  I met Yahtzee for the first time.  He's been ahead of me the whole time by at least two or three days.  He, D-Con, and Beer Stick (formerly Dan) took 3 or 4 zero days at the Troutville interchange apparently, so even though I took a day off, I was easily able to catch up to them.

Tonight I witnessed, first-hand, D-Con in action.  He laid out two mousetraps baited with peanut butter by his feet along the wall.  We all went to sleep... an hour or so goes by... then "Click!".  When a mouse would fall victim to a trap, D-Con would take the trap out front and remove the mouse from it, making sure it was dead first.  One episode involved using a sizeable rock to put one mouse to rest.  He would put the mice on display for all to see, and to let the other mice know not to return.  The, he would reset the empty trap and go back to bed.  There were 3 casualties tonight (I'm writing this July 5).

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