Thursday, June 7, 2001

day 26, Overmountain S, NC

Start:  Hughs Gap
End:  Overmountain Shelter
Miles:  9.4 today, 375.3 total

I forgot to mention that Jake, Cheerio, Hawaii, and Gravytrain were at Uncle Johnny's when I got back last night.  I'm going to have to make a list of all the people I've met and describe each one in more detail than the one-page-a-day rule allows.  So... coming soon.

So, in the morning Gravytrain, Jake, and Cheerio left Uncle Johnny's; Gravytrain by himself, and Jake & Cheerio left together as always.  Around noon, Jason and Robin were shuttled by DeadManMurphy (who's a woman, remember) to Iron Mtn Gap where they headed north (they slackpacked from there to Uncle Johnny's yesterday, about 19.6 miles).  Then, around 2pm, Gannon, Laura, and I were shuttled to Hughs Gap.  Now, out of the three, I'm the only one not skipping the 27.2 miles from Erwin to Hughs Gap.  Laura's really got some make-up mileage to cover later.  Gannon doesn't really count since he's only going from Fontana Dam to Rockfish Gap, VA.  He can do what he wants.

We did a little over 9 miles, but part of that involved getting up and over Roan Mountain, the last mountain over 6k feet until the Whites in New Hampshire.  So it was a long 9.  No views at all today; fog, rain, mist, mud, cloudy.  Went over a couple nice balds, too.  It's a shame the weather is so moody.  Tonight we're in a converted barn.  Two-stories.  Raver, Laura, Gannon, myself, and some other older section hikers are all sharing this awesome shelter.

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