Monday, June 18, 2001

day 37, Jenkins S, VA

Start:  Knot Maul Branch Shelter
End:  Jenkins Shelter
Miles:  18.8 today, 563.5 total

Well today's been pretty wacky all around.  First of all, Rachel graduated!  I wish I could've been there to see the ceremony.  So tonight's the All-Night Grad Party.  I'm sure she's having a blast, while Mom and Dad are going insane with the various events.  So it's busy back home.

I got a later start than usual out of camp.  The past few days I've really focused on taking care of my blisters.  The one on my right heel seems to have dried up for the most part, and the one on my left heel still needs some work, but it's slowly getting there.  So I spent a good while playing foot doctor.  Then, I took some time to catch up with my journal writing (hehehe... I was 4 days behind when I left Damascus).  I also took some time adjusting my pack.  It seems to fit better now.  In fact, I may have struck on something that could really help with my hiking.  If I wear the pack higher on my body (so the hip belt buckle covers my belly button), it feels a lot lighter.  It also allows my legs greater range of motion... which leads to my next wacky happening: I hiked in my underwear.  And not just any underwear, Performance Underwear.  All day my pants kept sliding down, and I got tired of messing with them, so I took them off.  I hadn't seen any hikers all day, so I figured I was safe.  Freedom, baby!  Yeah!

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