Sunday, June 3, 2001

day 22, Hogback Ridge S, NC

Start:  Little Laurel Shelter
End:  Hogback Ridge Shelter
Miles:  21.3 today, 311.8 total

Another 20 mile-ish day today. The day's pretty long when you hike 20 miles. I left the shelter this morning, just behind Jason (trailname Ganj, GA-NJ), at around 7:40am. Pulled in here at around 6:30pm or so. Caught up with Sparkle and Glide here at Hogback, I've been a few days behind them since Springer. Pretty nice couple (male + female), they live in Charleston, WV. I think they're thru-hiking.

I tried my Weight Gainer stuff today. I think it helped some. You basically feel full like you just ate a light meal. That's all I'm really looking for, something to put in my morning quart to give me some calories and nutrients. (Before I set out each day, I drink a quart of water.)

I like to hike alone for the most part (at least so far). There are ups and downs. Then there are other times when you feel totally neutral, at peace. You feel really calm, almost powerful in a way. I really only feel lonely when pulling into an empty shelter for the night. That's a little unnerving. But, when you're out on the trail for 5 months, there's going to be lonely times. I think I've been pretty lucky so far, only been alone at night twice out of 22 nights. Pretty good record there. Almost time to take a break in Erwin! Goodnight.

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