Monday, June 4, 2001

day 23, No Business Knob S, TN

Start:  Hogback Ridge Shelter
End:  No Business Knob Shelter
Miles:  20.6 today, 332.4 total

Again, 20+ miles. As of right now, I'm averaging 15.39 miles per day (tomorrow it drops down to 14.1). For my 5-week goal to get to Damascus I only needed to average 13 miles a day, so I'm ahead of schedule. That's a good thing because I'm not sure about the "20+ miles on consecutive days" idea. You start to get worn down. In fact both Ganj and I are getting tired, literally. We're both thinking about scaling back and only having 20+ days every so often, or at least not back-to-back. So, in short, I can afford to slow down some.

I'm also starting to think about using my stove. Watching Ganj heat up some nice, hot Lipton noodle stuff made me think about it. He's got an Esbit stove, which is basically a three-legged stand that holds a small pot on top and a little fire brick underneath. The bricks (say 5 days worth) and the stove combined should weigh less than a pound. Though his stove is neat, I'll try my own Primus stove first. I'm thinking Damascus would be the perfect time. By then I will have spent about a quarter of the trip eating non-stove food, so maybe I'll spend the next quarter using a stove. Then for the last half of the trip, I'll know pretty well what's good and what isn't, whether one method or combination of methods is better than others.

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