Tuesday, June 26, 2001

day 45, Pickle Branch S, VA

Start:  Laurel Creek Shelter
End:  Pickle Branch Shelter
Miles:  22.3 today, 678.3 total

Though it was a long day mileage-wise, it went by relatively painlessly.  However, I'm thinking that maybe a break from Raver would be a good idea.  Nothing provoked that thought today, it's just been a general feeling that I need to be on my own again for awhile.  Granted, he's not the best pal to hike with.  He's kind of a moocher.  Always asking you to do something for him.  Like, if you're going to go pump water, he might ask you to pump him a couple extra quarts.  Stuff like that.  Little things but they add up.

We rearranged the schedule for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow is McAfee Knob and Dragons Tooth, but we're staying at Campbell Shelter rather than Lamberts Meadow Shelter.  McAfee Knob is supposed to be really great.  You can walk out on this ledge that has a 180 degree view.  So I'm looking forward to that.

There's a stray dog in camp tonight.  He's pretty noisy because there's a bell attached to his collar.  We've seen a number of strays on this trip so far.

Oh, I forgot.  I came upon 3 goats up on a mountain today.  When I tried to take their picture, they grabbed a day's -worth of food out of my pack!  Luckily I got it back.  They were so nosy.

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