Friday, June 1, 2001

day 20, Hot Springs, NC (Elmer's)

Start:  Deer Park Mountain Shelter
End:  Hot Springs, NC (Elmer's)
Miles:  6.3 today, 270.9 total

Again, I really only hiked 3.1-ish miles, just saying 6.3 to make up for errors. Really not much to say about the hike, it was pretty quick. I pulled into town around 9am. At first I wanted to stay at the Hike Hostel, but found that it was closed. Actually, what I THOUGHT was the Hike Hostel was closed. I went to some church right off the trail thinking their hostel was the Hike Hostel (their place was closed). The REAL Hike Hostel could've been open all along. Anyway, now we're all confused. I stayed at the Sunnybrook Inn, which is known to hikers as Elmer's. Elmer thru-hiked in '76 I think. It was a really cool place. Lots of hippie/cultish type of stuff going on in and around the place. Turns out Laura got a ride from Gatlinburg to Hot Springs, and she'd been there (staying at various places in town) for a few days. Jason and Robin (Laura's hiking buddies), Chris (Devo) and some others were there, too. Met Cheerio and Jake. I've been following them this whole time.

I spent the whole day doing the in-town business. Shower, laundry, real food, email, post cards, the whole bit. Had a vegetarian dinner at Elmer's served by the hippies. A great day off.

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