Thursday, June 21, 2001

day 40, Pearisburg, VA (WV)

Start:  Sugar Run Gap (Woodshole Hostel)
End:  Pearisburg, VA (Showshoe, WV)
Miles:  10.0 today, 617.4 total

      The crew post-breakfast at Woodshole Hostel, about to roll out.
      Left to right, front row:  Big Toe, unknown, Q-tip.
      2nd row:  Jonathan (Chachi), Little Train, Heatmizer, Raver
      3rd row:  unknown, Gruff, me
      standing:  unknown, unknown, Tiger Cakes, hostel owner?, unknown


Raver and I had to rush to meet his friend Kevin at the Pearisburg P.O. on time.  Neither of us hiked naked, and we didn't see any naked hikers either.  So it was really like any other day.

We came flying down the mountain at around 12:50, thinking we'd be late for our 1:00 pickup time.  However, we put up our thumbs at the first passing car and it stopped.  Again, great luck with hitching so far.  We got to the P.O. at 12:55, perfect timing.  I picked up my package, and we made a quick stop at Subway for free drinks (hikers only).

We drove over 2 hours to Snowshoe, WV, the famous ski resort.  It was really amazing how beneficial automobiles are to humans.  In less than 15 minutes, we covered more ground than a day's -worth of hiking.  The time saved is so impressive.  It was also great listening to music in the car.  I will say, though, that Kevin drives like a maniac.  Squealing tires around turns, passing people constantly on one-lane-each-way roads.  We went over 60 mph on a gravel road, broke 95 mph on pavement.  This guy was nuts.  Took off his seatbelt at times.

Sounds like we're going to take one (possibly two) zero day tomorrow.  We're having trouble getting a ride back to Pearisburg.  It's nice being in an apartment with shower, laundry, TV, food, even a bed.  R&R time!

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