Friday, June 29, 2001

day 48, Bearwallow Gap, VA (WV)

Start:  Fullhardt Knob Shelter
End:  Bearwallow Gap (Flattop, WV)
Miles:  16.7 today, 731 total

About to stink up the car at Bearwallow Gap

I was pretty excited today about seeing the family.  We set up a 5pm pickup time at Bearwallow Gap.  As you can see, it was about 16.7 miles.  Pretty nice hike overall, didn't really have to rush until the very last mile or so because the trail had been relocated to a more scenic (aka: longer) route.  But it all worked out in the end.

When Mom, Dad, Rachel, and Aunt Jane first spotted me, they all started snapping pictures.  I was like a movie star or something!  Mom even brought out the video camera.  Then we got in the car and had to roll down the windows immediately.  Complaints about how bad I smelled the rest of the way there.  But I was still happy to be off the trail, seeing everyone again.

We stopped at a Kroger on the way and picked up a bunch of food.  My personal craving was cereal for some reason.  I had like 3 bowls when we got in.  Despite all the food I was eating, Mom wanted me to eat more.  She felt my shoulder and said I was skin and bones.  I don't think I've lost more than 10 pounds, probably less than that.  But that's what Mom does - worry.

Anyway, looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow.

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