Sunday, June 24, 2001

day 43, Pine Swamp Branch S, VA

Start:  Pearisburg, VA (Holy Church Hostel)
End:  Pine Swamp Branch Shelter
Miles:  20.1 today, 637.5 total

Today was a great day for hiking.  Pretty good weather, but I didn't have any blister pains, no sore feet, and though my pack was full, it felt relatively good on my back (well, not as painful).  Got into camp before 6pm!  Normally I pull in around 7 or 8pm.  And I pumped 7 quarts of water in no time at all with my new filter.  It's so much easier to pump now.  Ahh... the good life.

Though I'm behind schedule, I've got a plan from here to Rockfish Gap that'll pull me really close to my average.  If I don't take a zero day at Waynesboro, I'll be averaging 15.3-ish miles/day, which is just under my desired 15.5 miles/day.  And then it'll be time to pay a visit to JMU.  Dave might come down.  I'll probably start hiking with Megan then (if she still wants to).  And soon after that will be the G3 concert, maybe get a chance to stay a night or two at the Pennington Ranch.  So in general, things are looking up for awhile.  I'm pretty excited, though it's probably not outwardly noticeable.  hehehe...

Tonight we've got Raver, Q-tip, Big Toe, Joyster (an older woman, retired-type), Lucky Duck (an older woman, but not as old as Joyster), Jim Bowie (a recent college graduate, wanted to thru-hike but ran out of money.  He's pulling off the trail in Troutville), and little ol' me.

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