Sunday, June 17, 2001

day 36, Knot Maul Branch S, VA

Start:  Chatfield Shelter
End:  Knot Maul Branch Shelter
Miles:  18.8 today, 544.7 total

I didn't have enough room yesterday to mention the Partnership Shelter.  After getting back from Sugar Grove with my food, I hiked about 8 miles to the Partnership Shelter, located at the Mt. Rogers NRA Headquarters.  In short, that was the best shelter I've seen so far.  I even took a picture of it.  The shelter was extremely well maintained, looked relatively new, had a nice gravel patio type of thing, slept 16 (a nice loft upstairs), had a warm water shower IN THE SHELTER!, and a relatively decent privy.  I spent about 2 hours there using the various facilities, eating some lunch, and relaxing in general.  I gave my compliments to the maintenance crew in the shelter register.

And now for today's happenings.  Really, nothing much to report other than an excellent brunch at Dairy Queen.  We left the shelter (Raver and myself) at around 8, took a break at an old one-room schoolhouse, and got to the Rt. 11 / I-81 intersection at Groseclose around 10:30am.  We promptly partook of the fine feastings at the nearby DQ.  We each got a chicken salad and a blizzard.  Tasty!  Spent about an hour and a half there.  Raver called a friend near Pearisburg.  It sounds like we'll be staying at this guy's place.  He'll pick us up Thursday at 1pm at the Pearisburg P.O.  Not sure if I want to take a zero day in Pearisburg yet.  It's a long stretch from Damascus to Pearisburg.  Maybe I'll need a break.  I'll think it over.

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