Wednesday, June 20, 2001

day 39, Sugar Run Gap, VA

Start:  Jenny Knob Shelter
End:  Sugar Run Gap (Woodshole Hostel)
Miles:  19.8 today, 607.4 total

Today was a pretty full day.  I left the shelter behind Raver and Jonathan, ahead of Big Toe and Q-tip.  When I got to Va. 606, I took a short walk West off the trail to Trent's Grocery for some pizza and orange juice.  Then, within an hour of getting back on the trail I took a quick detour to Dismal Falls.  The falls weren't really that spectacular.  I didn't take any pictures.  Got back on the trail and hiked awhile to the Wapiti Shelter for another break.  Raver had already come and gone, as he had signed the register.  Jonathan and his dog were there.  Eventually Q-tip and Big Toe arrived along with Tiger Cakes, her dog Isabella, Gruff, and her dog Toby.  I'm not positive, but I think Tiger Cakes and Gruff are a couple (ie: lesbians).  After talking awhile it sounded as though we'd all be staying at Woodshole tonight.  The big-to-do was that the first 8 people to arrive at the hostel got breakfast the next morning (the option to eat for $3.50).  I only had one dollar, so breakfast was out of the question for me anyway.

Tonight at the hostel, in addition to Jonathan, Raver, Big Toe, Q-tip, Tiger Cakes, Gruff, and myself, there's Little Train, Heatmizer, Doc Everlast, and others.  So it's pretty crowded.  The bunkhouse basically consists of mattresses on the floor.  There's a solar shower, but I didn't get a chance to use it.

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