Tuesday, June 12, 2001

day 31, Damascus, VA (The Place)

Start:  Damascus, VA (The Place)
End:   Damascus, VA (The Place)
Miles:  0 today, 455.1 total

Man, was I thirsty!

I was pretty busy today, doing the town stuff.  Had some breakfast at the Side Track Cafe, which was pretty good.  The guy who made my breakfast talked awhile about the trail.  He thru-hiked a few years ago.  One neat thing he said was that his stove consisted of 3 tent stakes (for holding a pot), a piece of aluminum foil (for holding the fire starter brick), and a fire starter brick.  He would light the brick and then add some small wood pieces, build a small fire essentially.  And the whole thing weighed practically nothing.

I spent a long time doing internet emailing. Scott Buffardi contacted me after a long lapse in communication.  There's a G3 concert coming up July 17, and he was asking if I wanted to go.  The G3 concerts were started by Joe Satriani several years ago.  They basically feature 3 famous guitarists (usually Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and someone else).  Anyway, after emailing back and forth, it'll be Dave Humphreys and myself, Scott and his friend, and somewhere Ryan Balis and his buddies.  That's going to be great, I just need to find some way to get off the trail then.  I'm pretty excited.  Pretty happy in general, actually.  I made it to Damascus ok, met some new friends, and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead.

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