Saturday, June 16, 2001

day 35, Chatfield S, VA

Start:  Trimpi Shelter
End:  Chatfield Shelter
Miles:  17.6 today, 525.9 total

I got up at 4:30am this morning.  I pitched my tent in the shelter last night because the bugs were so bad.  I was the only one in the shelter, but Raver and E of E & J were tenting just down the hill.  In fact, I could hear Raver's headphones from the shelter.  His ears must've been bleeding.  Anyway, so I got up at 4:30, left at 6:13am.  I hiked about 2 - 2.5 miles down to VA 670 and started walking on the road toward Sugar Grove.  That was at 7am.  I hiked about 3 miles or so until someone headed my direction picked me up.  Most of the cars I saw were headed out of town.  So I got a ride the rest of the way into town from a middle-aged couple in their minivan.  They said they were going to breakfast with their son, who was in a car in front of them.

I got to the P.O. right at 8am when it opened.  As I was getting my pack, the husband asked if I was Christian.  I said, "Yes, Presbyterian."  And then he said something like this, "Well that's good.  We won't ask for a donation as long as you're doing the Lord's work."  By "donation" I think he meant some sort of tip for giving me a lift.  I should've told him I was Buddhist.  So far I've had 5 hitch-hike experiences, (I got one back out of town) and I haven't given the drivers anything, though I've considered it every time.  Maybe I'll change my ways.

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