Friday, June 8, 2001

day 27, Moreland Gap S, TN

Start: Overmountain Shelter
End: Moreland Gap Shelter
Miles: 22.5 today, 397.8 total

I'm doubting I took this photo on 6/8, but will keep it here for now.

Long day today, longest day so far with packs (the 27.2 mile slackpack a couple days ago is currently the title-holder). Laura and I hiked together the whole way. It got frustrating at times because I underestimated the difficulty of the terrain. We had a lot of short but steep climbs and descents. At one point we considered hitching to a nearby hostel, Kinkora (I think that's how you spell it), and then slackpacking some the next day. In fact, that's what Raver was going to do, but start from Elk Park and do like 60 miles in two days. Mission Man and D-Con passed us headed south. Naturally they were slackpacking. D-Con was saying that after Damascus there wouldn't be too many opportunities to slackpack, so he wanted to take advantage while he could.

Today is also officially known as Livestock Day. We passed by so many cows, horses, and cow and horse poop. The first bunch of cows were long-horns. Pretty scary, they wanted to eat my pack. Laura took a picture (I'm out of film; she said she'd mail me some photos). We walked through hilly pastures among the animals.

Today is also special because it's Laura's birthday! She's 24. Too bad she hiked with me on my masochistic walk today. I'll do some sort of birthday thing for her in Damascus.

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