Wednesday, June 27, 2001

day 46, Campbell S, VA

Start:  Pickle Branch Shelter
End:  Campbell Shelter
Miles:  16.1 today, 694.4 total

McAfee Knob.  After this photo, I eventually left the knob for the shelter down
the hill a ways.  At the shelter, Tiger Cakes and company wanted to eat dinner
back up on the knob and watch the sunset, so we clambered back up for a
second viewing session before the day's end.

Today was a pretty exciting day.  Dragon's Tooth was pretty neat.  The "teeth" were tall, thin slabs of rock jutting out of the ground.  I climbed the highest one and took a couple pictures.  Then the descent down the mountain was one of the hardest yet.  There were places where steel ladders had been stuck in rocks to help the climb.  At the bottom of the mountain, I took a detour down the road a ways to Catawba Grocery.  There I bought two pints of ice cream, a banana, and a quart of orange juice.  And I consumed all of it.  Eating two pints straight like that is good training for the half-gallon challenge.  I didn't really feel bad after the two pints, but four is going to be tough.

Then, the best part of the day: McAfee Knob.  It was amazing.  I climbed up the knob really fast, and when I got there I was alone and pretty exhausted, so the reward seemed even better.  You could basically see 180 degrees up there.  Took a bunch of pictures including a 10-or-more panoramic experiment.  We'll see how that turns out.

The bugs are killing me in this shelter.  I might pull out my tent again.

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