Tuesday, July 24, 2001

day 73, Duncannon, PA (Doyle)

Start:  Yellow Breeches Creek (campsite)
End:  Duncannon, PA (The Doyle)
Miles:  26.0 today, 1127.5 total

Continuing yesterday's discussion:  I often feel pressure to keep on schedule, get to the shelter before it's too late, etc.  I'd imagine that's standard fare for many thru-hikers.  It's just more intense with me since I started so late.  Man, if I had another half month to play with, that would be so great.  Imagine, 15 zero days to allocate.  Or I could take that time to make the days shorter, less miles.  Or a combination of both.  So I've decided that when I get to, say, Bennington, VT, I'll reset my completion goal from Sept 30 to Oct 7 or so.  Then I can spread that time out however I desire.  But that's if I'm on schedule.  So, in summary, I'm thinking of slowing down near the end to increase the enjoyment / peace-of-mind factor.

As noted above, it was a long day.  The first half was quite different, though.  Pretty flat, a lot of fields and road crossings.  We were basically heading from one ridge, across a wide valley to another ridge, then over the other side to Duncannon.  Spent the day leap-frogging with Groovy.

Pulled into the Doyle Hotel after 8pm.  Restless and Nathan were there.  The front door opens to a bar with lots of locals singing along to Frank Sinatra, among other music.  No A/C in my room, no screen on the window, single bare light bulb w/ cobwebs as decoration.

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